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Craftsmanship, shape and elegance are the keywords of “PattyB”. Everything was born in Rome in 2014: one table, one sewing machine and careful research of fabrics, are the perfect combination that accompany Patrizia Mattoni in the realization of his creations.

The “PattyB” is the perfect formula of a long research: elongated shape, refined fabrics and pouch closure, like one wearable casket, for the most refined women.


During some leisure trips between London and Paris, I rediscovered the passion for fashion and for the style I had from girl and that I had abandoned to work, for over twenty years, in the family business.

From that moment I commit all my time on this project, with passion and attention to detail, trying to designing models of bags, clothing and accessories, which are always original and innovative, without ever abandon strong references to the elegance of the past and tradition.

I live in Rome and to achieve this goal, I travel the world continuously, looking for new ones inspirations.

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